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March/April 2015 - It is Spring and that means a nice toxic CHLORINE BURN for everyone unfortunate enough to be on a chloramine system.

 Many of you have received notice that your water company is “returning to chlorine”.  I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it is a temporary house cleaning measure.  You see, chloramine is an ineffective disinfectant and leaves behind a multitude of sludgy gunk in our pipes as well as creating some itself.  So once a year, usually in the Spring, they have to run a CHLORINE BURN. Yes it is as nasty as it sounds. They turn off the ammonia and jack up the chlorine higher than EPA would allow normally.  This BURNS all the sludgy gunk out of our pipes, because, chlorine is actually a very good disinfectant. Now, you may ask, where does this sludgy gunk go?  I can only speak to the trucks I’ve seen flushing the system in the PAWC Mechanicsburg system….it goes right into the street, into the sewer drains and into our streams and creeks.  AND as a result of chlorine levels beyond regulated limits, the BURN provides us with levels of disinfection byproducts THM and HAA, also well beyond the regulated levels. So the very DBPs EPA is trying to reduce are flowing freely at higher levels during a CHLORINE BURN.  Why do EPA and DEP allow this you may ask…. well, the water companies only have to test their water levels quarterly. So when they are ready to BURN our drinking water system, they test the water right BEFORE the BURN and then AFTER the burn so none of the hugely toxic levels of chlorine and byproducts knowingly created during the BURN are measured or reported to EPA.

Anyone looking for a healthy alternative to a fresh glass of ammonia, bottled spring water is the best. I have no affiliation with them other than being a customer, but I have found The Water Guy to be a wonderful family owned business providing good products and good service. Be sure to get the Spring water anytime you get bottled. “Purified” water is just tap water run through a filter. Filters do not remove chloramine or its byproducts. Healthy drinking!


CDC and State Governments looking into the connection to Chloramine. (read more under NEWS tab)


Symptoms and circumstances reported in the article almost identical to those reported as a result of exposure to chloraminated water across the country! Read about it under NEWS tab or see full article at http://vitals.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/05/02/18005316-allergies-on-the-rise-in-us-kids-government-study-finds.


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